Sunday, February 15, 2015

When We Are Most Beautiful

While my last entry showcased the practical side of the beauty buddha, today's post is going to lean more towards the spiritual side, which will hopefully be appreciated by some as well. Think about the last time you found something beautiful. Perhaps a landscape, or your child's smile, or a perfectly presented meal...what constitutes the beauty of anything? Well it is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder. We choose what we find beautiful, we really project our own perceptions onto our surroundings, we create the beauty through our mind's eye. So how can we make ourselves beautiful to the world? My answer to this, is to be fully present in ourselves. Makeup and clothing can, of course, create a shell of aesthetic beauty, but it remains like an unlit Christmas tree until we plug ourselves in, so to speak. The true beauty, like the tree, is when a palpable electricity runs through us and we shine bright, lit from within.

Someone once said to me that when I was undeniably happy, I was so beautiful. Because of course, when we are truly happy, we are in the moment, everything else falls away. When our minds are lost in the past, or immersed in the future, we are not present. And when we see somebody who is present in the moment, HERE, not there or then....they are beautiful, they are experiencing what we are all Life is simply now, not then, and being present in this moment, right now, is like being 100% charged, and that glowing energy is seen by those all around us, even as they sit stuck in some far corner of their imagined world. So while I find nothing wrong with enjoying the magic of makeup, or the self expression of fashion, we should always be mindful of where real beauty originates. As much as you can, strive to stay aware of the present moment. Be you right now, not you of yesterday or you of tomorrow, and you will find everything around you a little more interesting, a little more valuable. And likewise that presence will be noticed by everyone around you. We can trim the tree as much as we like, but if there's no electricity running through those lights, the real beauty will always escape us.

~ Beauty Buddha ~


  1. I have looked at myself on some occasions and thought I looked beautiful, but I never felt like a Christmas tree...hee hee.